ESP Retirees

Greetings ESP Retirees!


At the recent ESP virtual picnic held on October 26th, the ESP Resource Team solicited feedback, and after receiving unanimous support from those in attendance is happy to announce an ESP Challenge Grant.  


As a prior employee of Extension, you recognize the value of having support for professional development during your professional career.  ESP continues to support Extension colleagues as they develop their expertise and grow as Extension professionals.


With four years of significant transitions behind us, and many new Extension Employees hired, the ESP Resource Team has a vision to renew the understanding and value of the importance of the ESP Endowment and how it supports the growth and development of colleagues.


We are launching an ESP Challenge Grant – Hope for the Future.  


As part of this ESP Challenge Grant, we are hoping to encourage retirees to support the process by pledging funds that we can promote as a match for our new and existing Extension staff.


We have already received a $500 pledge and would like to see that continue to grow to $5,000 or more as a matching fund.  This will encourage Extension staff to contribute, because they know their dollar will go farther because of the match.


We are asking for either a financial pledge or donation be made by November 15, 2020.  Shortly after that, we will unveil the new Challenge Grant to Extension Staff statewide and GROW the ESP Endowment.  A larger Endowment means more resources that can be shared as awards, scholarships and grants for Extension educators and ESP retirees!


You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish or be recognized for your donation.  You can immediately make a donation, or pledge a certain amount that you can pay later.  


There are many ways to make the donation including on-line, personal check, or a transfer from an investment into the foundation.  To donate on-line, simply go to the ESP website – and click on the “Make a gift online” or follow this link..  Note that this link is for the ESP Endowment and includes the tracking number needed for the donation. 


To make your pledge before November 20, please email your name and the amount you would like to pledge to: patrick.nehring@wisc,edu or complete the pledge form by following this link..  


Finally, I’d suggest you keep some of these fun facts in mind while considering your pledge:

  • Given our virtual picnic this year (without bugs – might I add), there was no registration fee and no gas to get to the picnic so everyone can begin with at least a $50 donation
  • There will not be an ESP 2021 Silent Auction this year – so, retirees and staff can also consider investing those funds into the Challenge Grant


The choice is yours!  We sincerely appreciate your support as well as the foundation that YOU have laid in your prior work and support of Extension.  YOU are a key reason our educators have access to the funds we have today.  


Again, Thank You!


Your ESP Resource Team,

Patrick Nehring, Sally Schoenike, Karen Dickrell and Matt Hanson