Call for Award Nominations

Call for Award Nominations

Due by February 1st


Do you know an Extension colleague or retiree who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the mission of Extension?  Nominate a worthy candidate for one of the Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) awards or work with your colleague to self-nominate.  Awards are available from the Wisconsin Chapter of ESP with the opportunity of National ESP awards consideration.


  • Service Awards recognize ESP members for their contributions to Extension:
    • Early-Career Service (Chapter, National)

Eligible in first 10 years of Extension career.

  • Mid-Career Service (Chapter, National)

Eligible with over 10 years and less than 20 years of service to Extension.

  • Distinguished Service (Chapter, National)

Eligible with over 20 years of service to Extension.

  • Continued Excellence (Chapter, National)

Eligible 5 years after receiving Distinguished Service award.

  • Ruby Distinguished Service (National)

Most prestigious award recognizing outstanding thinking, performance and leadership in Extension.

  • International Service (Chapter, National)

Recognizes development and expansion of an Extension program in another country or countries.

  • Retiree Service Award (Chapter)

Recognize an ESP member who continues to contribute to the mission of Extension following retirement.

  • Leadership Awards recognize ESP members for their contributions in leading Extension:
    • Visionary Leadership (Chapter, National)

Recognizes accomplishments that have led Extension forward in new directions.

  • Administrative Leadership (Chapter, National)

Recognizes accomplishments in administrative leadership for 10 years or more.

  • Distinguished Team Award (Chapter, National)

Recognizes outstanding efforts of Extension staff teams (two or more individuals).

  • Diversity Awards (Chapter, National)

Two awards one recognizes outstanding individual and the other team accomplishments in programming that reaches audiences in our diverse and multicultural society.

  • Non-ESP Member Awards:
    • Meritorious Support Service Award (Chapter)

Nominate a support staff person who demonstrates excellence in supporting Extension programming.  This person does not need to be an ESP member.

  • Friend of Extension (Chapter, National)

Recognizes a non-Extension (lay) person, business or organization for their outstanding support and personal involvement in Extension efforts.


Nominations for all of these awards are due by February 1st.  More information and nomination materials can be found at