Honor Our National ESP President, Peggy Damann

This past year, Wisconsin ESP Alpha Sigma Chapter member Peggy Damann has provided leadership to the National ESP association as ESP President.  Mostly done via Zoom and e-mail, Peggy has excelled in this role, with increased membership, offering more distance opportunities, hiring a new management company and much more.

This message is to encourage you to help recognize and honor Peggy through an ESP tradition – the Presidential Key.  Below you will find the article printed in the last issue of the ESP Newsletter that describes this tradition and how you can both thank Peggy and support the ESP tradition.  I hope you will join me in “signing” the key and contributing to the National ESP Development Fund in her name.  A donation of any amount will help us honor Peggy for her outstanding service to ESP and help grow the Development Fund for scholarships, professional development opportunities, and recognition programs.

Donate: When making a donation, please include “Presidential Key” in the “Special Designation or Comment” section, then select “Honorarium” and include “Peggy Damann” in the “Name of person donation is in memory or honor of.”

Support and Honor the President on the Presidential Key:                                                                                  Submitted by the Resource Development and Management Committee

The outgoing president receives the wooden plaque Key carved by Art Redinger of Indiana and signed by conference attendees.  Art has made wooden plaque Keys for the President since 1993 and these were previously auctioned to raise money for scholarships.  The president was always expected to purchase the Key and some lively bidding would go on during the auction with members bidding with the idea of financially supporting the president in the purchase and in helping to support ESP in the president’s honor.  A couple times the president, their chapter and other members have raised over $6,000.

Currently, rather than having the Key as part of the auction, the President, their chapter, and other ESP members are encouraged to make a donation to the Development Fund in honor of the outgoing President.

Signing the back of the Key by members of ESP, an annual tradition to congratulate the outgoing president, went virtual last year. Because of the popularity and success of virtually signing the Key, we are bringing it back again this year.  You can sign your name and add a few optional comments at Sign the Key.  A publication with all entries will be presented to the President.

A benefit to members and to chapters is that the donation now counts toward the donor’s cumulative Key Level of Giving recognition.  While every member or chapter’s circumstances are different, the Resource Development and Management Committee encourages those who are able to make a donation of any amount to the Development Fund in support of continued professional development opportunities. Please consider making a donation as an honorarium this year to recognize a special mentor or person in your life, or in the life of your chapter.  If a member friend has passed, you can make a gift as a memorial.  Even the smallest amounts add up to make a big difference, and if you give $100 or more during registration or at the conference and you will receive the Conference Pin.

Thanks for considering this request!
Paul, ESP Alpha Sigma Chapter President